TV Clips

Idiotsitter – Hot Guy Alert

Idiotsitter – A Date with the Goblin King

Idiotsitter – Meet the Idiot – And her Sitter

Idiotsitter – The Weirdest Job Interview Ever

Idiotsitter – Billie Gone Wild

Idiotsitter – A Death-Inspired Road Trip

Idiotsitter – Fashionably Late to a Funeral

Idiotsitter – Gene’s Bid for Freedom

Idiotsitter – At the Club with Grandma Billie

Idiotsitter – Billie the Buzzkill

Idiotsitter – Worst Grown-Up Prom Ever

TV Episodes

Season 1

Idiotsitter- Season 1 “Pilot”

Uptight, high-strung Billie is forced to take a job tutoring/babysitting Gene, a slovenly, lazy stoner who is under house arrest in her wealthy father’s enormous mansion.

Idiotsitter- Season 1 “Funeral”

After her best friend Chet dies, Gene’s ankle monitor is temporarily removed so she can attend the funeral.  But on their way there, Gene’s excitement at finally being out in the real world and Billie’s phobia of funerals leads them to make several unplanned detours.

Idiotsitter- Season 1 “Hos Before Bros”

The quarterback of a pro football team visits the house for a weekend, sparking an intense romantic rivalry between Billie and Gene.

Idiotsitter- Season 1 “Fumigation”

Billie and Gene camp out in the guesthouse when the main house has to get fumigated.  When Gene’s ankle monitor gets knocked off, they hit the town and run into a cruel figure from Billie’s past.

Idiotsitter- Season 1 “GED Prom”

Gene decides to organize a prom for GED students, and invites her cyberbully in the hopes of publicly humiliating him.  Billie invites an attractive fellow tutor, whose GED student turns out to be much younger than she initially thought.

Idiotsitter- Season 1 “Finale”

Gene finally takes her GED, and Billie tries to fulfill her dream of becoming a college teacher.  Tensions between the girls finally come to a head.

TV Promos

Idiotsitter Promo – Gibberish

Idiotsitter Promo – Brains & Bod

Idiotsitter Promo – Friends

Idiotsitter Promo – Prison

Idiotsitter Promo – Aaaand

Idiotsitter Promo – Hangover

Web Series Episodes

Idiotsitter “The Interview”

Billie learns that the nanny position she applied for is actually a coverup for a job that includes supervising and tutoring a full-grown delinquent named Gene.

Idiotsitter “Sundae Bloody Sunday”

After Gene refuses to set time aside for tutoring, she is confronted by Billie and the two get into an insult war at the dinner table.

Idiotsitter “Father/Daughter”

Gene fills Billie's room with drugs and pornography as an attempt to get her fired, but Billie proves her innocence and coaches Ken through punishing Gene as a result.

Idiotsitter “Happy Birthday”

Gene and Chet trick Billie into eating a birthday cake full of peyote.

Idiotsitter “Fight Day”

Billie finds herself an unwilling participant in Ocho de Octo, a Russell family tradition in which everyone spends the day beating each other up with therapy bats.

Idiotsitter “The Ex-Boyfriend”

Billie's successful ex-boyfriend asks her to dinner, so she and Gene switch roles to make her seem rich and impressive.